WaCu Productions

Jody Waldock | Greg Waldock            Photographer | Videographer


We understand how important your memories are to you. At WaCu Productions we are passionate about creating, converting and restoring memories. All your conversions are preformed in house and are handled with the up most respect and care. We offer competitive prices and the highest quality conversions available. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers.

All slides are scanned one at a time, each image is reviewed and restored using a variety of techniques including colour correction, dust removal and border cropping.

Our prices are based on the type of slides, the resolution you choose and the total number of each type of slide you have.

Format 1200dpi 2400dpi 4800dpi
35mm 25¢ 45¢ 89¢
Super 35mm 25¢ 45¢ 89¢
126 25¢ 45¢ 89¢
110 25¢ 45¢ 89¢
127 35¢ 55¢ 99¢
120 Full Format 99¢ $1.19 $1.39

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or if you would like to Place an Order